“Zereshk Polo” (AKA: Persian Barberry Rice)

  • How to Prepare:
    • Soak ½-1 cup of berries in cold water for at least 20 minutes.
    • Collect the berries from the top of the water; pour out old water, and change over the water until no residue remains at the bottom of the washing bowl.
    • Repeat the cold-water rinsing process at least 6-8 times.
      • This is critical because there is a lot of sand in these berries, and soaking the berries, with repeat rinsing will help to get rid of the sand, which will end up crunching under your teeth!
      • Only use cold water, and try placing a sieve in the water to make it easier to collect the berries from the top each time you rinse & repeat.
      • Drain the berries until ready to cook.
    • Heat 1 Tbsp of grapeseed or avocado oil on medium-high heat in a sauce pan
      • Once the oil has heated up, add the berries and begin mixing rapidly, so as to not burn.
      • While stirring the berries, add 1-3 Tbsp of organic honey to taste.
      • Keep berries on heat no longer than 5-7 min, or until plump & dark red in color.
    • Barberries are naturally very sour, so if you need a little more sweetness to balance this out, use as much honey as you like to your taste preference.
    • Make your rice with a side of chicken, or lentils / legumes / beans.
      • We usually make it with a side of saffron lemon chicken.
    • Add the cooked berries on top of your rice to your quantity and taste preferences, or if you're like me, you can add the rice to your berries! 🙂

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