There are a number of factors that affect our nervous systems, as well as the quality and quantity of our sleep. Some of these factors are within our control, while others are not. However, even those that seem to be outside of our control are in fact able to be manipulated to work more optimally than they otherwise would.

What am I talking about? Well, when it comes to our genetic code, there is really only so much we can do to change the genes that were passed down to us through generations of procreation. However, if you have heard of epigenetics, then you’re aware that the environmental factors that we are exposed to in our daily lives can actually have a direct affect on whether certain genes are expressed or not (i.e. turned on or off).

One of the genes that has received increasing attention and research in recent years is the methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene. The reason this gene has gained so much recognition as of late is because it has widespread effects throughout the body, from cardiovascular function and neurotransmitter efficiency, to neuropsychiatric illnesses and bone health1,2,3.

Depending on whether or not you have a mutation on one or both of the genes involved with this pathway, and depending on which of the genes is affected, you may be at an increased risk for CV disease, and/or you might experience increased anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

Testing for mutations on this gene can be very helpful when it comes to the detective work that is necessary to get to the root of many of the symptoms we experience when it comes to nervous disorders. Not only can we work to correct these problems with targeted supplementation, but we can also work on the factors that are affecting whether or not the gene is being expressed. Since each and every one of us is unique and different based on our race, ethnicity and our ancestry, it is important that we utilize all of the information we can get our hands on, as well as all of the tools we have at our disposal to ensure that our treatment plan fits your lifestyle. In addition to using supplements, we can also use breath work, mindfulness & mind-body therapies, biofeedback, PIT, botanical herbs, and even hydrotherapy to reset and rewire the nervous system.