The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:
First Do No Harm, The Healing Power of Nature, Identify and Treat the Root Cause, Doctor as Teacher, Treat the Whole Person, and Prevention.

Primum Non Nocere
First Do No Harm
Use the least harmful therapies.

Vis Medicatrix Naturae
The Healing Power of Nature
Strength of your vital force within.

Tolle Causam
Identify and Treat the Root Cause
Cure the root of the problem.

Doctor as Teacher
Let us be your guiding hand.

Tolle Totum
Treat the Whole Person
Body, mind, and soul.

Maintain your strength and vitality.

Naturopathic Medicine Therapeutic Order

High Force Interventions Collapse

Using aggressive therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery to remove pathological tissue. As we all know, in the case of tissue that is diseased or damaged beyond repair, there are typically few options short of killing it off or getting rid of it altogether.

Synthetic Symptom Relief Collapse

Using prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and synthetic treatments. Sometimes naturopathic therapies are not enough to ensure optimal functioning and a comfortable quality of life while we work at peeling away the layers to identify the root of the problem. This can take some time, particularly depending on the chronicity of the issue and the length of time it has been ongoing; therefore, although the goal is to treat the cause, we also do not want our patients to suffer.

Natural Symptom Control Collapse

Using specific and targeted natural therapies and interventions, including but not limited to supplements (e.g. vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and herbal treatments. Naturopathic medical doctors are trained to make an effort to utilize the least therapeutic force when treating patients; however, we are also very passionate about ensuring that our patients are able to be their most creative, artistic, compassionate and functioning members of society. So if that means starting with a therapy that requires a higher force, or greater intervention, then we do what is required to ensure that your quality of life does not suffer while we work on treating the root cause of the problem. Once we have established the foundations of health and have utilized our tools to assist your body in achieving optimal functioning, at that time, the higher therapeutic intervention(s) are no longer needed and can be discontinued.

Address Physical Alignment Collapse

Realign the body top to bottom; front to back; 360 degrees all around to ensure the musculoskeletal and nervous systems are optimized based on correcting structure. The idea behind this is to ensure that we are structurally optimized so that our functioning can also be optimized. The modalities used for this are often physical medicine, myofascial treatments, trigger point therapy, acupressure, massage, as well as stretches & home exercises.

Support & Restore Weakened Systems Collapse

Strengthen the weakened systems of the body by providing the building blocks necessary to normalize inflammatory processes, optimize metabolic function, reduce toxic load, and balance regulatory systems to re-establish optimal homeostasis. At this point, there is typically a chronic weakening or damage that has taken place within the body. Our goal is to stimulate regeneration of the damaged tissue, and reversal of the damaging insults in an effort to heal at the deepest level. In this way, we are not merely bandaging the symptoms, but we are effectively treating the cause of the insult in the first place.

Stimulate the Self-Healing Mechanisms Collapse

Provide the body with the tools it requires to do what it does best, which is to move in the direction of optimal functioning and optimal health. Just as all organic compounds in nature are made of carbon and hydrogen atoms, we too are comprised of the same atoms and molecules that make up the matter of this world. Therefore, using therapies that help us to tap into this energy and the wisdom of Mother Earth can truly realign our bodies and minds, strengthen our vital force, and allow the healing process to take place. Some of the gentle and subtle therapies that can be used at this stage include craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, counseling, mind-body techniques & biofeedback, as well as yoga & meditation.

Establish the Foundations for Optimal Health Collapse

Identify and remove the obstacles and disturbing factors impeding the body’s ability to achieve optimal health. When obstacles such as poor diet, excessive stress, lack of sleep, and lack of social & emotional support are present, the body is unable to do what it innately knows how to do, which is to heal itself. There are basic tenets that embody what we call “establishing the foundations of health”, which include daily exposure to whole organic nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, sunlight, a healthy balance between the rewarding work we do for our community and the rest & rejuvenation necessary to continue this work, as well as the love & social support of a caring community. These are the foundations that every human being requires to thrive and flourish to its fullest potential.