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As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Hasti Fashandi practices medicine that is individualized, holistic, and empowering to the patient. There is nothing more powerful and healing to the body, mind and spirit than having a practitioner who is on your team, who listens to your story, and who cares for you as they would for their own loved ones.

If you have ever had an experience of being told that your routine annual bloodwork looked great and that everything was within the normal range, but your intuition was telling you that there was more to the story, then you have found the right place. Many of us feel exhausted all of the time, or feel like our brains don’t quite function the way they used to, and yet, there is not always a clear explanation for why we feel these things.

Additionally, we may wonder where these so-called “normal ranges” for our lab bloodwork come from. What ethnic group were the individuals in these sample groups pulled from? Interestingly, what might be considered “normal” for one individual might be completely out of the range for another. Not only that, but oftentimes there are differences in these ranges when comparing different laboratory companies, as well. So what does this all mean?

This is where taking a functional approach to medicine comes in. There may not always be a glaring structural abnormality or outright dysfunction in our bodies, but are our organ systems functioning optimally? Are there certain genetic and/or environmental factors that are hindering our ability to live comfortably and with the highest quality of life? It is certainly possible!

Naturopathic doctors are your personal medical detectives. We widen our view from the “normal range group” and work toward optimizing your body’s ability to function in every aspect that makes you a whole organism within this world. Naturopathic doctors are, by training, functional medicine experts!

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What Can Naturopathic Medicine Do For You?

  • Improve your energy, vitality, and longevity
  • Allow you to live pain-free
  • Empower you to take control of your health and wellness
  • Realign your body, mind, and spirit
  • Keep you healthy so you can prevent chronic illness
  • Help you reverse the debilitating effects of chronic illness