It is well known that Intravenous Vitamin C, as a highly potent antioxidant, has a myriad of widespread health uses and benefits, from protecting blood vessels and keeping the heart healthy[1], to improving immune function and even optimizing cancer therapies[2].

We already have a wealth of knowledge about how highly indicated IV Vitamin C is in cases of active COVID / post-COVID convalescence[3][4]; however, the list of benefits does not stop there!

IV Vitamin C has peer-reviewed research supporting its use for pain management[5], reversal of liver damage / detoxification support[6], mitigating chemotherapy / radiation side effects[7], and even the reversal of environmental and toxin-related insults to our DNA[8].

Although we are aware that we can generally dose Vitamin C orally up to bowel tolerance levels, if our gut health is compromised, then we are likely not absorbing the Vitamin C at the therapeutic amounts that are required for a clinically significant effect.

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