All of us have a layer of fat that sits just underneath our skin, which acts as a cushion, and we have more in areas that bear more weight; however, underneath this layer of fat is a thick connective tissue that covers our entire musculoskeletal system. This is called the myofascia, and it is intricately connected from the crown of the head and scalp, all the way down to the soles of our feet. Not only is the myofascia of the skeletal system connected throughout numerous layers, but it is also connected to the visceral fascia of our abdominopelvic organs, as well! When we experience traumas in our lives, what ends up happening is that we retain these memories within the tissues of our bodies, even though our brains have a protective mechanism, which helps us to forget the traumas we have endured. What we are able to accomplish through gentle myofascial release is the ability to unwind and process these traumas, so that we can ultimately release them and set them free!