About Dr. Fashandi

Dr. Hasti Fashandi, Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale

From a young age, Dr. Fashandi was exposed to a holistic and naturopathic lifestyle and approach to healing and maintaining vitality. Dr. Fashandi’s Persian and Ayurvedic background played a key role in her passion for helping others through her desire to pursue medicine. When she was a teen, she experienced a major health issue where mainstream conventional medical practice continued to let her down, until she finally went back to her family’s natural medicine roots. It was this turning point in her own health endeavors where she realized that there was deep truth and power in a natural and holistic approach to healing.

Dr. Fashandi is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, who has completed an accredited four-year, rigorous naturopathic medical curriculum at Bastyr University, where she was at the top of her class. During her medical training, she completed coursework in botanical medicine, nutrition, counseling, physical medicine & hydrotherapy, homeopathy, mind-body medicine & biofeedback, as well as IV micronutrient therapy.

Dr. Fashandi’s clinical expertise includes chronic conditions & pain management, autoimmune & rheumatic conditions, gastrointestinal complaints, nervous & sleep disorders, as well as general family medicine. Dr. Fashandi has additional clinical training through the completion of a competitive residency program in family medicine at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, WA, where she worked on specialty shifts including naturopathic oncology, pain management, botanical medicine, environmental medicine, IV therapy, and diabetes & cardiovascular wellness.

Dr. Fashandi’s healing philosophy involves establishing the foundations of health by removing the obstacles to cure, and utilizing the least therapeutic force in an effort to assist the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Dr. Fashandi believes that facilitating the body’s vital functions through balanced nutrition, healthy detoxification, targeted supplementation, and overall lifestyle counseling can help to assist each individual in their unique path to wellness. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Fashandi will work as your personal medical detective to identify and address the root cause of your condition, and will not simply bandage the symptoms. Dr. Fashandi firmly believes that health and wellness are not merely the absence of disease, but working collaboratively with each individual to make choices and take steps to ensure that our bodies are working optimally internally and externally, so that adverse health can be avoided altogether.

Prior to her Bastyr education, Dr. Fashandi worked as a research associate in the Department of Neurological Surgery at UCSF, where she studied the effects of traumatic brain injury and irradiation on the formation and consolidation of learning and memory. Dr. Fashandi obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, where she performed laboratory research on glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer immunogene therapy.

Dr. Fashandi speaks fluent Persian / Farsi, and enjoys spending her free time with her 6-year-old daughter and loving family.

Dr. Fashandi is a member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), as well as the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).

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See what people are saying about Dr. Fashandi

"Dedicated, compassionate, thorough, and kind. You don't see this combination very often in a doctor... This kind of personalized medicine, you don't just find anywhere. And the fact that you are offered more natural, gentler options that complement your body - it's a win-win."

-Dana T.

"The potential for surgery was on the horizon for one issue, and prescription medication was a possibility for the other... Dr. Fashandi was immediately helpful in providing relief for my issues, while also keeping an eye on a long-range solution... Through targeted testing, therapies, and supplementation, I recovered and did not need surgery or prescription medication."

-Leslie M.

"In a year [working] with her everything changed. My weight went up to normal 123 pounds, my immune system is great, and she guided me to the correct path to heal my body naturally and through a good diet."

-Myriam M.

"I've been dealing with health issues this past year and have seen numerous doctors where I was left without answers and extremely frustrated. Dr. Fashandi is the first doctor I've seen who has truly invested in understanding the root cause of my issues and created a personalized treatment plan. She's been extremely thorough in all of my appointments and has been so great with following up with me outside of my appointments. I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking for a naturopathic doctor!"

-Megan T.

"She is very thorough and works hard to get to the root of an issue. She is also very practical in her approach - from knowing that conventional prescription medicines sometimes have a role to play and factoring in our MDs' opinions, she very much works in partnership with our existing healthcare. All of her recommendations are backed by thorough research, and she designs a plan to address your issues in a holistic, long-term way."

-Happy Y.

"I can't recommend her highly enough, she is incredibly knowledgeable and a gifted physician. She has helped improve my IBS naturally without continually pumping PPIs, she has helped identify root causes of my anxiety and sleep issues, while also providing me the right supplements to reduce inflammation."

-Hari S.

"There are 2 things I like best about her approach to medicine: 1) Her desire to look at the whole picture. Instead of jumping in to try and immediately squash symptoms, she left no stone unturned looking for the root cause of my issues. 2) Her very personal approach. She never rushed me through an appointment or made me feel as if she didn't have time for me. Not only does she offer generous in person appointments, but she always quickly replies to my questions via email. She even made house calls when I was home recovering from surgery!"

-Nancy H.

"[Dr. Fashandi] is diligent, thorough, and thoughtful. At each appointment, she spends quality time with you to go over every issue you had raised with her (even if you had forgotten about some of them). She is compassionate and focuses on you and what is best for you. I have great peace of mind that I'm in good hands on my journey back to a healthier me. I highly recommend her!"

-Pouneh G.